Steinbring Insurance

 Steinbring Insurance has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. They aim to provide individuals and families with exceptional customer service, with a focus on stability and consistency. 

Their previous visual identity consisted of a broker stock image, and the name Steinbring Agencies. After a period of research within the insurance field, we collectively decided that changing the name to Steinbring Insurance would offer more clarity and consistency. 

The visual representation of Steinbring’s long term commitment to help deal with life’s curveballs needed an update. By focusing on their key values of reliability, integrity and strength, this logo took it’s rock solid shape.

It became evident quite quickly that for the application of the logo to meet all of the print and web needs of Steinbring Insurance, there would need to be a full version and a condensed version. Thus, the ‘S’ can stand alone and still retain its visual impact and balance.