Content Consulting

Content Consulting is a consulting firm that is based on human interaction and engagement. Their primary client base includes care networks and facilities for senior citizens. The name, Content Consulting, plays off of a double meaning; feeling content with where life has brought you in its final stages, and an awareness of the content and substance that fills a life and gives meaning. 

Content Consulting desired a bright, cheerful, logo that emphasizes feelings of satisfaction and peace. The hues of orange, yellow, and purple create a sense of warmth, with the green acting as a balancing contrast. The choice of bamboo was made by the associates of Content Consulting, reminding them of the bamboo plants in their offices and the peaceful and meditative state that bamboo can represent. 

The logo can be applied as a full version with the purple text on documents and business cards, and the bamboo work as a stand alone image that can be applied to promotional and marketing materials.